Tips & Tricks — Customize your MicroStation XM look and feel.

By Oscar Albornoz
Clearwater, Florida, USA — One of the things that makes MicroStation the most powerful CAD system is its flexibility to make it work for you.

MicroStation XM has been enhanced to give you more flexibility in molding how it works, making you more productive than ever before. The following are some of my favorite tricks for customizing MicroStation.

Set up MicroStation so that you can access your workspace preferences from a pop-up menu.
If you would like to have fast access to your workspace preferences, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select Workspace|Preferences from MicroStation’s Main Menu bar.
  2. Select the “Input” category along the left side (a).
  3. Click on the “Reset Pop-up Menu” option list and select “Click” (b).
  4. Press the <OK> button (c).
  5. Now try it out!

    You can save mouse clicks by adding your workspace preferences to your pop-up menu.

  6. Move the mouse anywhere inside any view and press the Reset button. The pop-up menu now includes the option “Pop-up Menu Options.” Select this to open the “Preferences” dialog box (d).

Cool huh? Here’s another one!

Change the location of your View Toolbox
You know how we’re all used to having our “View Toolbox” on the bottom left of any view. Who wouldn’t be? This was the case from MicroStation 95 all the way up to MicroStation 8.5!

There’s actually an option that customizes where you want this toolbox to appear on your views. Here it is:

  1. Select Workspace|Preferences from MicroStation’s Main Menu bar.
  2. Select the “View Options” category along the left side.
  3. Click on the “Show View Toolbox” option list and select “Bottom”.
  4. The “Customize” dialog box is where you add menu items to your custom pull-down menu.

  5. From the “Insert Menu” dialog box, enter your menu name of choice in the “Label:” field and press <OK> to return to the “Customize” dialog box.
  6. You’ll now see the menu that you named and inserted and that menu is ready to be populated with the features of your choice. Double-click on it and you will see an “Empty Menu Item” waiting to be modified. Highlight the “Empty Menu Item” and press the <Modify…> button.
  7. From this dialog box, you can change the position of the View ToolBox to better suit your workflow.

  8. In the “Label:” field, enter what best describes the first option you will be adding to your custom pull-down menu. You have the option to add a standard MicroStation key-in to run. You can create a SubMenu to branch off of your custom menu. You can even load a MicroStation tool box. Make your selection and press <OK> to return to the “Customize” dialog box.
  9. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 to add more menu items.
  10. Press <Save> on the “Customize” dialog box to have your customized menu added to the available MicroStation pull-down menus.

Now admire your creation and consider that you can mold it into whatever you want.

And that’s it! The View ToolBox is now on the bottom of the screen. You can also select “Left,” “Right” or “Top” and the View Toolbox location will change accordingly.

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