Tips & Tricks — How to use a configuration variable to customize the Axiom menu

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  • By Rick Sewell
    Often, it is beneficial to change what products are displayed on your Axiom pull-down menu for individual users or different classes of users working in different disciplines. It removes the potential confusion of what products are available to be used and restricts user access for any products that the Administrator does not want the user to use. The aximenu.cfg file lists what programs a particular user can choose from the Axiom menu.

    While it’s beneficial for users to have the Axiom menu customized with just the products they will be using, Administrators need to have access to the full array of Axiom products. With that the case, you may find it advantageous to set up an aximenu.cfg file for the Administrator and one for each of the different types of users. This is not a difficult task and is described in detail below. Once you’ve modified the file, simply save it somewhere logical for you. If there are multiple users or Administrators that will use this menu, save it to a shared location. If it is only for a single user or Administrator, it may be best to save it to their local machine.

    Making changes to your workspace configuration can significantly enhance your design environment.

    How to use a configuration variable to load the Axiom menu
    What displays on your Axiom pull-down menu is determined by the contents of a simple text file called “aximenu.cfg”. This file can be modified in various ways to customize the Axiom pull-down menu.

    The aximenu.cfg file is located in the aximenu folder that is directly underneath your Axiom base directory (the location where you installed your Axiom products). The default location for the Axiom base directory for V7 is “C:Program FilesAxiomV7” and for V8 the location is “C:Program FilesAxiomV8”. To modify the file, simply open it up with your favorite text editor and remove lines that you don’t want to appear in the menu. You can also change the order in which the menu items appear. When you’re done, simply save the file either to a shared location (if more than one person will be using this file) or to the local machine of the person who will be using it.
    In order to load your modified aximenu.cfg file, you will need to set a configuration variable, “AXIMENU_CONFIG”, in MicroStation and enter the location of the modified file. By providing a path to the modified aximenu.cfg file, MicroStation will open the modified aximenu.cfg file instead of the aximenu.cfg file located in the default directory mentioned above. The steps on how to do this are shown below.

    How to set the MicroStation configuration variable
    Let’s say that your default aximenu.cfg file is located in “C:Program FilesAxiomV8” and you have a modified file located in C:Bentley. If you want to be able to use the modified file, you would do the following steps:

    1. Load MicroStation and open a design file.
    2. Select Workspace|Configuration… and MicroStation’s Configuration Dialog box will open.
    3. Press the button labeled <New…> and the “New Configuration Variable” dialog box will come up.
    4. In the field labeled “Variable:” enter the variable name: AXIMENU_CONFIG
    5. In the field labeled “New Value:” enter the name and location for the aximenu.cfg file you want to use. In this case, we want to use the modified file in C:bentley, so enter the following:
      C:Bentleyaximenu.cfg as the new value.
    6. Press <OK> to exit this dialog box and then <OK> on the Configuration dialog box. You will be prompted with an Alert dialog box to “Save changes to your configuration file.” Press <Yes> to accept the changes.
    7. Restart MicroStation.

    Select the Axiom pull-down menu and you’ll now see the menu as defined by the newly specified aximenu.cfg file.

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