Tips & Tricks — Learn about the changes made to the “Main” tool box in XM.

The upgrade from MicroStation V8.5 to MicroStation XM came with a lot of enhancements. This article covers only what changed in the “Main” toolbar.

A new look
The first thing you’ll notice is that the “Main” tool box has been reduced to only eight of the original eighteen tools.

Seven of the tools from the classic “Main” menu can be found on the new streamlined one.

You are used to being able to press and hold one of the tool buttons on the “Main” tool box and have all of the options associated with that tool expand out to the right. The ability to expand the tools remains, but it doesn’t look quite the same anymore. Instead of flying-out to show the tools horizontally, the tools now list in a columnar fashion.

The tool expansions now have more detail, making it easier to pick the tool you need.

You also may have noticed the numbers on the tool icons and the numbers in the expansions for each tool. These aren’t for decoration. They are there to show you that you can simply press the corresponding number on your keyboard to use the tool.

By pressing the number for the tool, the expansion will come up totally independent of the “Main” toolbar.

  1. Press <3> on your keyboard and the “Manipulate: Copy” tool will expand.
  2. Then press <1> on you keyboard and the “Copy” command will become active.

The MicroStation Status bar will show you what tool function is active.

There is another cool thing about selecting your tools using the keyboard. When you click on a tool from the “Main” tool box with your mouse, it expands to the right of the toolbar wherever the toolbar is. If you select the tool by pressing its corresponding keyboard number, the expansion is more like a pop-up menu. It will appear wherever your mouse is.

By simply clicking and holding the tool, you get the expansion.

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