Tips & Tricks — Load your favorite MicroStation V8 commands fast with a function key.

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By Rick Sewell
Busy MicroStation users are always on the lookout for a faster way to get work done. Here is a simple way to speed things up using function keys.

Have you ever noticed that row of keys at the top of your keyboard that start with “F” and seem to get no use at all? Well it just so happens you can make use of those F-keys (function keys) to invoke dialog boxes or commands in MicroStation.

It is really simple to assign commands to the function keys. You can use function keys by themselves or in combination with other keys.

In this example, we’ll load AccuDraw using the key sequence <Shift+F12>.

  1. Go to Workspace|Function Keys….
  2. The “Function Keys:” dialog box allows you to assign commands to your F-keys.

  3. Toggle on the “Shift” key checkbox at the top of the dialog box. (See “A” in the image above.)
  4. Select “F12” from the pull-down list. (See “B” in the image above.)
  5. In the “Action:” input box, enter the MicroStation key-in command “AccuDraw Activate”.
  6. Press <OK> to close the “Function Keys:” dialog box.
  7. Now try out your new trick. Press <Shift+F12> and watch AccuDraw load!

Remember you can enter any valid MicroStation key-in command you want. In case you’re wondering, MicroStation does publish an index of their key-ins, called the “MicroStation Key-in Index”, under the “Help” menu. To access this index, go to “Help”, click on the “Contents” tab, then click on “MicroStation Key-in Index”.

See a list of MicroStation key-in commands by Clicking on the “MicroStation Key-in Index” from the “Contents” tab of the “Help” dialog box.

MicroStation is the powerful CAD system that it is because it can be made to work for you. Take advantage — use this tip and get your projects done faster!

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