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“Now that I’ve got FileFixer…”

CAD managers share real-world FileFixer experiences. CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — “I always considered FileFixer one of those magical products,” proclaims Ray Danley, CAD Manager for Washington Infrastructure Services. “You just hit a button and whatever is wrong goes away.” Why is FileFixer a topic of interest among MicroStation users around the world? Because no better…

Canadian CAD manager speeds up quality control process of MicroStation files by 78%.

KEMPTVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA — Jim Lewis, CAD Manager for Canadian mapping company KMD Mapping Inc., was concerned about the rejection rate of his design team’s MicroStation deliverables. Looking for a solution that would save his team time and KMD money, Mr. Lewis reviewed several products and selected SpecChecker — Axiom’s premier MicroStation quality assurance solution. MicroStation Today interviewed Mr. Lewis about his quality assurance plights and how SpecChecker streamlined his operation.

Jim Lewis of KMD Mapping in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada.

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