Toolkit maintenance holders to get free program!

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  • Axiom adds DgnQuickPick to MicroStation Productivity Toolkit.

    Clearwater, Florida, USADgnQuickPick, the MicroStation add-on that allows users to have immediate access to multiple project design files and any project-related design file in a single session of MicroStation (with either tabbed browsing or an Explorer-like tree list), has just been added to MicroStation Productivity Toolkit!

    Users can open any project-related file from DgnQuickPick’s tree list.

    Toolkit maintenance holders can get their free copies of DgnQuickPick by contacting the licensing unit at Axiom. The type of DgnQuickPick license offered (corporate, site or single-computer) matches the type of Toolkit license (corporate, site or single-computer) the customer has. To upgrade to a site or corporate license of MicroStation Productivity Toolkit, contact an Axiom MicroStation consultant

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