Toolkit owners benefit from 18 years of relentless enhancements

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  • CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Axiom’s software development team continuously enhances the component applications in MicroStation Productivity Toolkit. This article highlights a few of the new time-saving features recently received by all Toolkit maintenance holders at no additional charge.

    FileFixer for V8
    FileFixer for V8 is the most “user-developed” component of MicroStation Productivity Toolkit for obvious reasons. An ever-increasing number of client sites are migrating to V8 and are encountering new varieties of V8-specific design file corruption along the way. For almost four years, the FileFixer development team has been busy keeping up with V8 design file problems reported by clients.

    Recent enhancements to FileFixer for V8 include:

    • The ability to navigate through damaged sub-folders in V8’s structured storage design files, allowing a greater number of healthy elements to be identified and salvaged.
    • Handling for V8 elements that are outside the design plane (or cube).
    • Five times increase in speed of analysis and repair, on average, as the first release of FileFixer for V8.
    • Re-organization of FileFixer’s user interface — with each new release, it gets progressively easier to find the options you need to control FileFixer’s analysis and repair functions.
    • The ability to detect and correct V8 design file header errors that previously prevented MicroStation V8 from opening afflicted design files.
    • Handling of invisible elements — new troublemakers unique to V8 files.

    FileFixer for V7
    MicroStation V8 gets a lot of attention, but Axiom is aware that many MicroStation sites are still using MicroStation/J (either exclusively or intermixed with V8 projects). Accordingly, Axiom’s development team continues to relentlessly enhance FileFixer for V7. In fact, even when the FileFixer team works on FileFixer for V8, FileFixer for V7 inherits all relevant enhancements, like the user interface refinements and speed increase described above.

    Microsoft Office Importer
    Microsoft Office Importer is one of Axiom’s most widely used applications and is the most frequently upgraded product in MicroStation Productivity Toolkit. Customer requests are incorporated into Microsoft Office Importer as fast as its development team can type in the new source code and thoroughly certify the enhancements. Recent Microsoft Office Importer releases included the following customer-requested enhancements:

    • Spreadsheet data is often changed — columns or rows might be added. Microsoft Office Importer makes it easy to change the range (height and width) of the cells in a linked spreadsheet.
    • Design standards and symbology evolve over time. The symbology of linked spreadsheets or documents might need to be updated. The new version of Microsoft Office Importer now allows MicroStation users to modify the color, weight, style and level of linked spreadsheet and document elements.

    For nearly two decades, RefManager has helped CAD users around the world take control of their reference file attachments. Throughout its lifetime, Axiom has continuously enhanced RefManager, making the application easier to use for veteran and novice alike. RefManager for V8, Axiom’s latest version of RefManager, is no exception. Recent enhancements to RefManager for V8 include:

    • Ability to control and standardize the display of levels in project reference file attachments for one or all project master files.
    • Ability to change level symbology for all attachments in all project master files in one processing run.

    The latest version of RefManager for V7, version 5.0a, incorporates enhancements made during the implementation of RefManager for V8 as well as a number of V7-specific enhancements and important customer requests. RefManager veterans will easily locate their favorite commands in the newly revamped user interface. Newcomers will enjoy the easiest to use version of RefManager for V7 to date.

    Free training and support
    Axiom delivers free on-line training to Maintenance Plus holders. Axiom provides this free service to ensure MicroStation Productivity Toolkit owners get the maximum productivity boost possible. Also, MicroStation Productivity Toolkit maintenance holders are eligible for unlimited technical support. The entire Axiom team is on call to assist you.

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