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How Do You Get Tall Excel Pastes to Fit Into Your MicroStation Borders?

Works with Word, too! Have you ever suffered from the myriad shortcomings which plague MicroStation’s “Paste Special” command? If you’ve ever tried to get a tall Excel or Word paste into a short space, you know the kind of problems I’m talking about. In fact, in talking with our customers, we found that one of…

Messy Translations Between MicroStation and AutoCAD?

Messy Translations Between MicroStation and AutoCAD?

Translation Manager now fixes the problem of Intergraph CIT raster images being lost when translating to AutoCAD. Axiom, one of the world’s most experienced developers of time-saving CAD software products, announces the release of Translation Manager 2.0. This release adds many new features and enhancements that help eliminate the hassles normally associated with translating files…

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