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Showing Off Your Project with RefMerge

Easy-to-use options take the frustration out of merging only the DGNs you want. Clearwater, Florida, USA — Your client needs a progress update — now! With all the layoffs happening, now would be a good time to impress your boss, but how do you quickly produce a file that includes everything that’s needed from all…

After Doing Everything Possible, My MicroStation–AutoCAD Translations Are Still a Mess!

Translation Tips and Tricks, Part 3 By Rick DeWitt, Axiom Senior Product Manager In the two previous articles on translations (My Translations Are a Mess! and My MicroStation–AutoCAD Translations Are a Mess, Part 2), I talked about various types of problems that can occur when translating between MicroStation and AutoCAD. There may not be a…

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