Top 10 Forgotten MicroStation Commands

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    Which ones do you know?

    MicroStation has what, a gazillion commands? I’d place bets that no one actually knows all of them. I’d also place bets that no one really needs to know them either. (Might make for a good reality TV show of engineers, if the rest of the population were smart enough to understand the humor.) So there’s a lot of commands and you don’t need to know them all. But are there some that you were never told about (or have forgotten over the years) that would come in really handy on the project you’re working on now?

    Come and Get ‘Em!
    Axiom’s MicroStation gurus were tasked with putting together the top ten forgotten (or never taught) commands that users should know and use but typically don’t. Whether you’ve forgotten about these tips, were never taught them in a classroom (Remember those?) or the local CAD manager (or Joe in the cubicle next to yours) never went over them, they’re available now — for free.

    The commands are covered in a series of ten short, two-minute videos, one per video. Just go to and see how many you’re using (or missing).

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