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Axiom releases the first ever e-learning GEOPAK training courses.

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA — Where do you go for GEOPAK training? Unfortunately, the only choice for participating in any GEOPAK training usually requires a flight, hotel and per-diems to the nearest instructor-led class. That is, until now! Axiom, the leader in developing time-saving software for MicroStation, is announcing the first ever GEOPAK series of e-learning courses for LearningBay.

LearningBay is the training system that allows users to train on basic and advanced MicroStation topics right from their desks. An e-learning solution, LearningBay was designed with ease of use and speed of implementation in mind. Courses are presented via a Web browser, allowing students to connect to LearningBay on their own schedule and train at their own pace, thus reducing production time wasted on traveling for training. The GEOPAK courses provide student progress tracking, testing and automatic generation of retraining content based on exam scores.

Recognized as the most cost-effective learning program today, companies purchase licenses, or “logins”, for LearningBay. The number of licenses purchased does not have to be the same as the number of GEOPAK licenses. Students don’t even need to have a copy of GEOPAK available.

Some sample course titles include: Introduction to Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM), GEOPAK Road Project Manager and Existing Ground Cross-sections, with many more on the horizon.
In each course, students will find an interactive learning environment like no book or classroom. Unlike a book, the student can do hands-on drills in each lesson, with movies, audio and interactive multimedia presentations. Unlike a classroom, each student can progress at their own pace, ensuring they fully understand each section before moving on.

“Our GEOPAK classes offer engaging content with informative illustrations, video, sound and interactive simulations,” states Ed Clark, Axiom’s President. “We are committed to developing the most productive learning solutions.”

What about companies who do not require a learning management system or individuals who may want to access the GEOPAK courses from home? Axiom also delivers all of the GEOPAK classes through its GEOPAK Personal Trainer standalone CDs.

GEOPAK Personal Trainer provides an easy-to-use navigation with all of the same contents offered inside LearningBay. Each GEOPAK title may be purchased separately and licensed to a single computer using competitive pricing. Consider including maintenance with each purchase to receive automatic updates to the GEOPAK courses.

Learning GEOPAK has never been easier or more cost-efficient. Whether through LearningBay or GEOPAK Personal Trainer, employees will learn at their own pace, without ever leaving the office or the comfort of their home. Turn to the GEOPAK course series and enhance your skills, without leaving your desk!

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