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By Ed Clark, President, Axiom

Ed Clark, President, Axiom

Dear CAD Manager,
You are busy. A lot of people count on you because you have proven yourself. But this also means you get a lot of problems thrown your way, as if the looming deadlines weren’t enough. These problems and deadlines often consume your time and reduce your quality of life as a CAD professional.

I have listened to you, either personally or via your contempories at more than a few conferences. I know you are smart, hard-working, dependable, overworked and at times under-appreciated. My job, in part, is to help you get the recognition you deserve. Axiom software tools and services are designed to: 1) save you time, 2) help improve your quality of life at work and 3) make you look even more like a genius.

It is with this idea in mind that we created Axiom Maintenance Plus, our complete training and technical support plan for Axiom customers. Not only do you get fast, friendly and efficient technical support, but you get training on how to get the most out of your Axiom software. This translates into you making MicroStation do everything you want, possibly including whistling “Dixie”, with you getting the credit for all of it… and perhaps even that raise you’ve been thinking about.

The reason thousands of firms and government agencies use our solutions is simple: to save time and get projects completed faster and more accurately. The fastest way to achieve these results is to take advantage of our support and training resources. You will not be disappointed with our speed of service and attention to your specific needs.
We look forward to helping you overcome any barriers you may encounter while working in MicroStation. Now go kick some butt!

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