Upgraded FileFixer for V8 handles newfound V8 design file corruption.

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  • CLEARWATER, FL, USA — MicroStation V8 users are running into different problems than in earlier versions of MicroStation, mostly problems related to the new structure of the DGN file.

    A V8 design file consists of multiple internal directories and sub-files. This data organization scheme, also used by Microsoft Word and Excel, is called “structured storage”. Structured storage errors are one of the most serious, recurring V8-specific corruption problems occurring in production. This is a new phenomenon with MicroStation files, hence, drafters and designers using V8 in production might have encountered structured storage errors without realizing it.

    If one of the “sub-files” in a V8 DGN becomes damaged and it cannot be opened, then MicroStation is not able to display the elements within that sub-file. Currently, there is no way to recover any of these elements when the structure of the subfile is damaged. The only thing that can be done is to delete it. FileFixer for V8 can automatically delete these sub-files, restoring the rest of the design file.

    Unable to open the design file in MicroStation
    If you’ve ever encountered an “Unable to open design file. Please contact your local site administrator or technical support provider for further assistance.” message, the most likely problem is that the design file header element is on the wrong level.

    As mentioned earlier, a V8 file consists of multiple internal directories and sub-files. One of these internal directories is the non-model section. The non-model section contains the level tables, shared cells definitions, line styles, view information (views being displayed and their orientations) and other global data.

    The first element in the first sub-file of the non-model section is the design file header. This element must be on level number 8. If it is on any other level than that you will receive the “Unable to open design file…” message and MicroStation cannot open the design file.

    FileFixer can automatically move the design file header element back to level number 8 so that the file can be opened and modified by MicroStation.

    These are only some of the many enhancements, most of which are too technical to get into in this article. FileFixer is always growing as more and more customer problems arise. If you have a “weirdness” in one or more of your V8 design files, please don’t hesitate to contact the Design File Doctors at Axiom.

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