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  • By Steve Palmer
    Clearwater, Florida, USA — Here’s a quick quiz. When MicroStation displays the following familiar dialog box, what is the real meaning behind this helpful “Information” message?

    What does this familiar MicroStation V8 message really mean?

    1. MicroStation is unable to open the design file because it is tired and needs a break for a few minutes.
    2. The design file is in a bad mood (maybe your local site administrator can persuade it to cooperate).
    3. This V8 design file is fatally corrupted!

    FileFixer handles corruption.
    Axiom’s FileFixer automatically detects and repairs MicroStation design file corruption. When FileFixer owners encounter this dialog box, they have an immediate solution.

    Others aren’t so lucky. FileFixer is the only application capable of opening and repairing severely corrupted V8 design files.
    But the sugar-coated message in that dialog box is only one symptom of design file corruption.

    • Have you ever seen MicroStation generate an “Exception” dialog box? Not pretty.
    • Has a V8 model become unselectable in MicroStation’s “Models” dialog box?
    • Does MicroStation’s “Fit View” command sometimes make you throw a fit?
    • Have corrupted level definitions left your elements level-less?
    • Do unselectable “zingers” shoot off the edge of the V8 design plane into uncharted space?

    Well, those are a few symptoms of design file corruption. Fortunately, FileFixer can automatically repair all of these project-bogging nuisances.

    Just as McAfee and Symantec regularly distribute virus definition updates, FileFixer is regularly updated to handle the most commonly occurring forms of design file corruption discovered in submitted customer files. (MicroStation design files do not become infected with viruses. The diversity of V8 design file corruption simply results from the infinite number of ways design file data can get garbled as it travels down your computer’s internal bus during a lighting storm, or as it travels down your local area network cable as the new intern plugs in a coffee pot at his desk – or any number of other ways magnetic data can be disrupted.)

    The FileFixer development team was recently sequestered for several weeks in Axiom’s corruption laboratory, devising automated solutions for the latest broadly-found categories of V8 file corruption. One new category of corruption turned out to be so severe it was assigned the new fatal V8-specific error number 898. Here’s the scoop about error 898:

    MicroStation V8 design files are “compound documents” containing subfolders and subfiles. V8 design files contain the same internal structure used by Microsoft to store Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

    In MicroStation design files, cross-linked data (corruption) is usually hidden from the user.

    Like all compound documents, MicroStation V8 design files contain an internal “directory” which stores the location of all subfolders and subfiles. If that directory becomes damaged, the relationship between the internal subfolders and subfiles is lost. Without a healthy internal directory, the data in a V8 design file can be inaccessible – even when the data itself is intact. Subtle corruptions within the internal directory are the most treacherous. That’s the nature of the new error 898: two directory entries point to the same data. We call this corruption “cross-linked” data. Until this category of corruption is repaired, MicroStation will display the dialog box you saw at the beginning of this article.

    When FileFixer version 8.7 detects error 898, it sorts through the wreckage and repairs the internal directory so all data can again be accessed by MicroStation. If this FileFixer repair technique reminds you of Peter Norton’s Undelete (hard disk recovery utility), it is very similar.

    Now that you know all this, there’s no excuse for allowing MicroStation design file corruption to bog your projects. FileFixer is the solution.

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