Why it’s Smart to Own RefManager

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  • Clearwater, Florida, USA — How many software applications continue to be demanded and widely used around the planet after twenty years? It has been more than twenty years since Axiom has been selling software to manage reference file attachments in design files. RefManager continues to be one of the most demanded components of MicroStation Productivity Toolkit.

    In this article we reveal the factors behind RefManager’s unrivaled longevity — and why you should own and benefit from it too.

    References Available Upon Request
    When a CAD project includes dozens of master sheet files, each with dozens of reference files, the file combinations are somewhere between difficult and impossible to manage. Fortunately, RefManager’s reporting features keep CAD managers out of the woods. RefManager’s reports immediately identify the actual location of project reference files, identify missing reference files and document how each reference file is rotated, scaled and clipped. RefManager’s reports can even identify deadwood — obsolete reference files sitting unused in project directories.

    RefManager can instantly generate a report of all the missing reference files in a large set of design files.

    There are over 30 settings to choose from in the change Report Settings dialog.

    RefManager offers over 30 different categories of report details (for example, file path, logical name, description, master and reference file origins, clipping information, rotation, scale and so on) to precisely document the status of your project files. RefManager provides concise reports for one, dozens or thousands of project files — all with one click of a button. If you’re looking to do this with MicroStation alone, you’re out of luck.

    Bulk attachment modifications anyone?
    If all reference files were attached un-rotated and un-scaled and no one cared about level display or level symbology settings, CAD life would be easy. As you know all too well, that’s just not realistic.

    Changing just one attachment setting across all project reference files can be tedious, time-consuming and error-prone. Manually modifying attachment settings project-wide without RefManager could consume hours, days or weeks.

    “The task of adding one reference file to all 200 [drawings] can take up to 6 hours, whereas using RefManager it takes only a minute.” J.B., Parsons Brinckerhoff

    “… RefManager has provided level symbology consistency throughout hundreds of our design files. … Having RefManager do this is cheaper than having to pay an operator to make these modifications in each file — on average, each of our jobs run [involve] about 240 MicroStation files! I’d say this capability alone pays for the Toolkit.” P.M., Pape-Dawson Consulting Engineers.

    The Path to Righteousness
    RefManager is often utilized to save the day when design files are moved from one directory to another — or to a new hard drive. Your IT staff sincerely believe that a new server hard drive is a valuable hardware upgrade. But you know the truth: all of your attachment full paths are now invalid. RefManager to the rescue.

    “… RefManager changed every [attachment filename] path in every file to the network drives in 56 minutes. Every project and standard detail is done. Incredible! I have about 540 standard details … This has removed about a year of busy work out of my life.” B.S., Atlantic International Consulting Engineers

    “We used RefManager to modify the paths of 500 reference file attachments from the old paths to new ones … in minutes. With RefManager, the architects, engineers, CAD designers and technicians can get to the actual … CAD work much faster. RefManager is an invaluable tool for us.” P.W., Carter and Burgess

    New attachment-related features in MicroStation V8 (such as attachment nesting, unlimited named levels and ByLevel symbology) present new challenges for CAD managers, but no worries — all are fully supported by RefManager for V8.

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