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Clearwater, Florida, USA — Sometimes there’s not enough time in the day to resolve MicroStation issues and get your design work done. That can mean working nights and weekends to make deadlines. That’s bearable once in a while, but it’s no way to live, is it? Well, in case you hadn’t heard yet, there’s a suite of software products specially designed to provide you the MicroStation help, speed and efficiency you need, when you need it — Axiom’s MicroStation Productivity Toolkit.

Design file corruption emergencies? Violations of CAD standards? Deadlines threatened by time-consuming tasks? With MicroStation Productivity Toolkit, you will have all the tools you need to quickly handle MicroStation emergencies.

Axiom has versions of Toolkit available for both V7 and V8 MicroStation users. The tools contained in each Toolkit undergo continuous updates and improvements so that they can meet your changing needs. Here are some of the breakthroughs achieved in just the past 100 days:

It’s not possible to describe all the new releases and enhancements in the space available here. (So call for an online demonstration!)

  • FileFixer for V8 now handles all major categories of V8 design file corruption discovered in customer files. FileFixer for V8 is the only application available anywhere that can open and repair files containing the most severe forms of V8 corruption.
  • Microsoft Office Importer enhancements continue relentlessly. Recent user interface improvements make it easier than ever to use. It’s no surprise that Microsoft Office Importer’s ability to flawlessly import spreadsheets of any size, with flexible formatting (unachievable with MicroStation), has made it one of the most broadly used MicroStation third-party utilities of all time.
  • RefMerge for V8, the software that automatically merges a design file and any or all of its reference files into one design file, now supports 3D files.
  • Global File Changer’s Modify Text command now allows MicroStation users to make batch changes to text in tags and dimensions — impossible with MicroStation alone. These are just two of the eight recent Modify Text command enhancements.

The facts behind the legend
If you haven’t witnessed it yet for yourself, you’ve probably heard legends about Axiom’s MicroStation Productivity Toolkit speeding up projects, saving time and increasing profits for MicroStation shops around the world every day.

“I love RefManager — I wasn’t looking forward to changing 1,300 reference file attachments manually,” says Chris Seymour-Smith of Capita Percy Thomas.

Here are the benefits that every MicroStation site will get when they own Axiom’s MicroStation Productivity Toolkit:

Jean-Paul Pors of Philips Medical Systems reaches new automation heights with CellManager.

  • Free product enhancements. Toolkit owners with Axiom Maintenance Plus receive all product enhancements (such as those described earlier) for the version they own (V7 or V8) at no additional cost.
    “[With CellManager for V8], we already reached a higher automation level than we dared to dream of,” exclaims Jean-Paul Pors of Philips Medical Systems.
  • Unlimited support. Toolkit owners with Axiom Maintenance Plus are eligible for unlimited support at no additional cost. The entire Axiom team is available for help.
    Jason Cosgrove of Volkert & Associates tells us, “All of my experiences with Axiom and the staff, especially technical support, have been outstanding. The technical support staff that we have worked with deserve a special recognition for helping us work through some very difficult problems. Thanks!”
  • Free online training. With Axiom Maintenance Plus, you and your colleagues can participate in online training, scheduled at your convenience, without leaving your desk! Axiom professionals can deliver training to you and your colleagues on any or all MicroStation Productivity Toolkit applications.
    “The Axiom training was more than enough for my employees to get started using RefManager. RefManager works very well and the training provided us with the knowledge to use its full capabilities,” says Jorge Serrano of Ameren.
  • Purchasing the full MicroStation Productivity Toolkit saves you money — it’s by far your best value. For instance, if you’re planning to purchase a single-computer license of FileFixer, RefManager and Global File Changer (just three of the applications in Toolkit), you can pay just ten dollars more and receive the entire MicroStation Productivity Toolkit (rather than individual applications). If you think that’s a good deal, the savings are really astounding for site and corporate licenses! If you plan to purchase a site license of FileFixer, RefManager and Global File Changer, pay just ten dollars more and receive a site license of the entire MicroStation Productivity Toolkit!

The savings are similar regardless of the individual Toolkit applications you are considering. If you already own Axiom tools, you can upgrade from one, two or three individual applications to the full Toolkit and save a bundle. Hard to believe? Axiom MicroStation Consultants stand ready to answer any questions you might have.

Even if you can’t immediately envision fully utilizing all of the 22 applications in Toolkit for V7 or the 16 applications in Toolkit for V8, pay just ten dollars more and you’ll have the full Toolkit arsenal available whenever you need it.

“I want to thank you and your staff for your exceptional service in getting the V7 and V8 Microsoft Office Importer to me at the drop of a hat. It made a big difference and the job went out on time. Great tool,” declares Richard Odum of Ghyabi & Associates.

That’s why Axiom wants MicroStation Productivity Toolkit at your site.

MicroStation sites around the globe use MicroStation Productivity Toolkit to save time, reduce costs and increase profits.

Add up free on-line training, free enhancements, the entire Axiom team that is available to support your projects and you have compelling reasons why you should own and use MicroStation Productivity Toolkit!

Take it from Bill Stout of Atlantic International Consulting Engineers who said it best, “The only piece of software that I use more than Axiom’s MicroStation Productivity Toolkit is MicroStation itself. This software [Toolkit] has saved me thousands of hours of work.”

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