XM Update courses released.

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  • New MicroStation XM courses to make new XM users billable faster.

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — Axiom, the world’s most experienced developer of time-saving MicroStation solutions, announces the release of a comprehensive suite of computer-based training courses for MicroStation XM, XM Update.

    All courses include interactive videos that take you through the new XM interface step by step.

    With these new online courses, CAD managers can train their users on MicroStation XM in less time and with less expense. Users train at their own desk, on their own schedule and at their own pace. The training is always available to fit whatever level of expertise is needed and can be delivered whenever most convenient. The XM Update online training is “always on,” which means it can be accessed as often as users like, for review or refresher training — whenever it’s needed. “With no travel costs, no instructor costs, no waiting and no scheduling to worry about, this training makes XM users billable faster and at a reduced cost.” said Mike Arroyo, world-renowned MicroStation evangelist and Axiom’s Vice President for Learning.
    The new courses have been designed to allow beginner, intermediate and advanced materials to be grouped into major topics. Each major topic, in turn, contains several courses covering that subject. The major course groupings for the new XM Update are:

    • Explore the Interface: This group of courses covers such things as improvements to the V8 interface, exploring view windows and exploring clip tools.
    • Explore Tool Enhancements: These courses cover all the tools in MicroStation that have been enhanced or expanded in XM, as well as new tools added in the latest version of MicroStation.
    • Explore 3D Viewing: These courses deal with what’s new in the 3D window inside MicroStation XM.
    • Explore Group Concepts: These courses cover fences, selection sets and groups.
    • Explore References: These are a series of both basic and advanced courses, that cover subjects including attaching DWG files, 3D models and more.
    • Explore Raster Manager: These are sets of courses that cover working with aerial photos, rendered images and PDF files.

    The courses go over comparisons between the previous versions of MicroStation V8 and MicroStation XM, covering all the changes and tips on using XM.

    Collectively, Axiom’s system of online training is called LearningBay. LearningBay provides computer-based training for MicroStation and MicroStation products, with several options for delivery, including LearningBay Enterprise, LearningBay Professional and LearningBay Hosted. Enterprise is designed specifically for very large organizations, Professional is a leaner system designed for small to mid-size companies, and Hosted is for companies that would rather not manage their training system themselves, no matter what size they are. The new XM Update courses are available via any of these methods.

    “This new MicroStation XM training is just the latest in Axiom’s commitment to deliver what’s needed and wanted by the MicroStation community,” said Arroyo, “Anyone looking for hands-on training for MicroStation XM need look no further. The new XM Update courses are ready when you are.”

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