Youngest CEO in America

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Ryder Jonathan Greenbaum prepares to take the helm of Axiom.

Clearwater, Florida, USA — Axiom, the world’s largest provider of third-party MicroStation solutions, announced today that Ryder Jonathan Greenbaum will be taking over as CEO of Axiom and related companies. Ryder Greenbaum is the son of Axiom’s founder and current CEO, David Greenbaum.

“We believe he will be the youngest CEO of any size company, anywhere,” said Ed Clark, President of Axiom. “Axiom has always been interested in getting more young people into the design industry and we are very excited about this infusion of new blood into the company.”

“I have had the privilege of working with Ryder’s father for many years and look forward to working with Ryder.”

Behind the scenes
Ryder has actually been active in running the company, behind the scenes, for several months now. His management style is very simple. His assistants run ideas by him and if he smiles, they implement the plan. If he frowns or yells, they don’t. It has been very successful so far. Axiom has made several bold business moves at his direction.

“Ryder Greenbaum’s transition into the company has been very well accepted by the staff. I guess it helps that we will be taking a three-hour break from noon until 3:00pm everyday while he naps. We have to make sure there is absolute quiet in the office,” said Wil Magness, an executive assistant at Axiom. “He does have some very strong opinions and is quick to make up his mind. He didn’t like one of our ideas yesterday and we are still cleaning the strained organic carrots off the wall.”

According to our sources, one of his new ideas is a CAD application that can be used on an Etch-a-Sketch. It is still in development. The project is highly confidential, but MicroStation Today has managed to get some inside information by pulling a few strings (and strategically placing a dessert in one of the executive offices).

“It will be called Etch-a-CAD and will be highly portable. It is being designed to be a lot easier to use for smaller hands. As a bonus, users won’t have to know the alphabet or even how to count,” said Ed Clark over a slice of pecan pie.

“The Etch-a-CAD idea came from one of the toys in Ryder’s office. We were in a brainstorming session and he picked up the Etch-a-Sketch. That’s how I knew he wanted to develop some software for it. I can’t wait until he is able to talk. I’m sure he will tell us about even more amazing ideas then.”

Plans are to have Ryder fully in charge by September of this year, just in time for his first birthday.
Later in the year, Ryder is planning on a tour of the preschools in the area. His plan is to promote the message that you are never too young to go for your dreams.

Ryder had no comment when reached by MicroStation Today. He just sat back in his executive bouncy chair and smiled.

Ryder Greenbaum listens to one of his junior executives.

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