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  • By TJ Crabtree, Maintenance Service Consultant
    Clearwater, Florida, USA &mash; Have you ever bought some software and then had to struggle with getting it up and running? Here at Axiom, we are not satisfied to just sell software. We want our software used. That’s why we make it – to make the MicroStation user’s life easier. That’s where I come in. My name is TJ Crabtree and I am your friendly Axiom Maintenance Plus gal. We really do go to great lengths to ensure that our software gets used. As a matter of fact, there is a sign on the wall here that lists one of our major goals as: “Outstanding products successfully being used.” The “being used” part is key to Axiom’s success. We have a policy here that someone from Axiom’s Customer Service Department calls everyone who purchases an Axiom product within a few days after they get the software, to make sure they were able to get it installed and working. Axiom not only provides technical support for the Axiom products that help you to be more efficient with MicroStation, but often we can help with your MicroStation-related issues too.
    There are many things Axiom does to ensure our products are successfully being used. This summer, we sent Axiom employees to Kansas City, New York, Seattle, California, Canada and even all the way over to England. (I volunteered, but I didn’t get to go to England.)

    Even over the phone, you will know TJ is smiling.

    Axiom Maintenance Plus
    More than your average maintenance program, Axiom Maintenance Plus combines tech support, software upgrades, training and custom programming to cover all the bases. The technical staff here at Axiom strives to ensure that, as a user of Axiom’s products, you always have all the benefits you need to really get the most out of your Axiom products.

    The Axiom name for customers that have Axiom Maintenance Plus is “Maintenance Plus holders”, but I like to call them VIPs. My father is a civil engineer, so I understand my customers and what they do.

    With Axiom Maintenance Plus you get:

    • The latest updates for the products you own, provided at no charge.
    • Unlimited technical support via telephone, fax, e-mail or mail. If you are having a problem, just let us know.
    • Bug fixes and work-arounds. We specialize in solving production snags and MicroStation workflow issues.
    • High priority given to your enhancement requests. We get lots of requests for easier ways to do things in MicroStation. That is how we know what new features to add to our software. We look at Maintenance Plus holder’s requests first.
    • The latest version of the product, sent automatically at least once a year.
    • One hour of free user training via the Internet or two hours of free custom programming, for every $500 paid on annual maintenance.

    MicroStation Productivity Toolkit and Axiom Maintenance Plus
    MicroStation Productivity Toolkit combines Axiom’s top time-saving utilities in one cost-efficient package. Occasionally we add new programs to Toolkit. As a bonus for Toolkit owners with Maintenance Plus, you get any and all new products that get added – free of charge.

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