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  • Customer-driven enhancements in every Axiom product release

    Clearwater, Florida, USA — It’s no surprise that the world’s most experienced developer of time-saving MicroStation software solutions is also the most responsive to customer requests.

    Despite being the oldest and largest third-party solutions provider for MicroStation internationally, Axiom remains spectacularly youthful and agile. Axiom’s developers have completed more than 150 customer-driven application releases in the last year alone — those releases include more than 1,000 enhancements from our customer-request database!
    Congratulations and thanks to all MicroStation users who contributed great product-enhancing ideas and who continue to inspire Axiom developers to excel every day. The entire MicroStation community has benefited greatly from your input. Read on — see if you can spot one of your suggestions.

    Like the genie of the lamp, Axiom’s customer-driven enhancements make your time-saving wishes come true.

    Microsoft Office Importer
    Microsoft Office Importer enables MicroStation users to import and link nearly unlimited quantities of spreadsheet data into MicroStation easily, with proper formatting and reliability. Microsoft Office Importer is a consistent favorite amongst MicroStation users.

    Some recent customer-driven enhancements include:

    • Users can now automatically update all of the Microsoft Office Importer links inside the active design with the new “office updateall” key-in command.
    • All of Microsoft Office Importer’s main functions can be conveniently accessed directly from the Axiom menu.

    The upcoming release of Microsoft Office Importer will blow your socks off — watch for headlines in MicroStation Today! [Editor’s note: After personally seeing demonstrations of the Microsoft Office Importer beta, I can confirm your socks are indeed in danger.]

    FileFixer, the sophisticated file analysis and corruption repair utility for MicroStation design files, is arguably the best-known third party application in the MicroStation world.

    FileFixer for V8 specializes in MicroStation V8 file corruption. The original FileFixer (for V7) specializes in pre-V8 file corruption.

    Both versions of FileFixer are relentlessly enhanced by Axiom’s development team, who are driven to diagnose and remedy corruptions found in design files submitted by MicroStation users from around the world.

    FileFixer for V8 is the only application available anywhere that can open and automatically repair the most severe new forms of V8 design file corruption. We use actual customer files, which have been submitted to Axiom for analysis and repair, in the development and testing of FileFixer.

    Although FileFixer fixes most forms of corruption totally automatically, sometimes you want to know exactly what is wrong with your file. Axiom realizes the scope and variety of design file corruption can be daunting to the uninitiated. FileFixer’s user’s guide is substantial! When MicroStation can’t open one of your project files, you don’t have time to read the FileFixer user’s guide from cover to cover. You do need to understand what’s wrong with your mangled design file and what FileFixer can do about it. The newest versions of FileFixer have links to precise passages in its documentation to help you understand what you want to know instantly. Schedule a free on-line demonstration to see how this works!

    Global File Changer
    Global File Changer and its trusty sidekick, the Element Selection utility, pair up to provide MicroStation users with the ultimate batch processing solution. Global File Changer can perform virtually any imaginable modification to one or thousands of project design files in one processing run. If your project consists of more than one design file (and whose project doesn’t), Global File Changer will probably pay for itself before you can peel off the shrink-wrap.

    Global File Changer’s Element Selection utility leaves MicroStation’s “Select By Attributes” command in the dust. Using the Element Selection utility, virtually any attribute can be used to precisely select elements for processing by Global File Changer. For example, you can isolate shapes by fill color, number of vertices, range or even perimeter size! Sorry “Select By Attributes”.

    Examples of recent customer-driven Global File Changer enhancements include the ability to modify text in tags, dimensions and shared cell definitions. That’s our job — making your work with MicroStation faster and easier.

    RefMerge combines a design file and all of its reference files into a single output file — for one or all of your project master files at once. The resulting output files look the same as the originals, but are easier to manage.

    Just a few ways RefMerge distinguishes itself from MicroStation include RefMerge’s ability to:

    Recognize when a reference file’s color table differs from the master file’s color table and automatically remap attachment colors to the closest color match in each merged output file. This ensures merged output appearance matches the original master file.

    Automatically rename merged output files by changing the extension of the merged file to “.mer” (preserving your original master file, leaving it as it was before the merge) and, optionally, adding a prefix or suffix to the output file name. For example, “Sheet1.dgn” becomes “Sheet1_archive.mer”.

    (Optionally) move the geometry from each reference file to user-definable levels in merged output files. This allows reference content to be turned on or off (by level) in merged output files as if the reference files were still attached.

    And RefMerge for V8 now merges 3D master and 3D reference files!

    An on-line demonstration is worth a thousand words.
    Shucks — this article has only mentioned four of the applications included in Axiom’s MicroStation Productivity Toolkit! [There are 22 applications in the V7 Toolkit and 16 applications in the V8 Toolkit.]

    Words cannot do justice to the productivity-increasing power-boost available to MicroStation Productivity Toolkit owners.

    Take a Toolkit test drive on-line without leaving your desk! Our friendly, knowledgeable technicians will answer your questions and advise you on how MicroStation Productivity Toolkit can catapult your projects forward! How much is a free on-line consultant worth to you? [Go ahead — try to stump the instructor.]

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